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Your Astrolight Birth Chart 

Your Astrolight Birth Chart may be the most valuable personal possession you will ever own. My chart continues to give me inspiration, understanding and revelation after thirty years of study. I hope the same for you.

The Astrolight Center is the only place you can purchase your poster-size (11"x17"), laminated birth chart, uniquely designed to include details about the meaning of your astrological Signs, Planets, and Houses. The chart color-codes planetary symbols and relationships, and clearly indicates Rulerships, Elevated Planets, and Focus Planets. 

Deeper Explanation of the Astrolight Birth Chart

You can imagine that your astrology chart is the architectural design of your home, having twelve rooms, with each room prepared by a planetary being for a different kind of activity. According to the positions of the planets in the cosmos at the time you were born, each planet is charted into the room it was visiting at the time you were born. In this way, planets bring their influence into different areas of your life. You can find out what kinds of preparation the different planets have made, and what are influencing the different areas of your life by examining your birth chart. 

Your unique Astrolight chart illustrates the areas of emphasis for specific energies in your life. It illuminates the quality of your desires and motivations. It defines the specific areas of your life where these energies are manifesting. It also indicates the dynamic interrelationships of the various energies in your personal system. It further illustrates areas of focus in your life, dominant energies impacting your direction in life, and energies that hold positions of honor in your life.

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Spokane, WA 99203